Adding Summer to Every Season

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My dream is to have a house on the beach,

even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee,

look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.”

Christina Applegate

This very same dream drives more than 130,000 people to Ocean City, NJ each summer – and makes them all wish they could stay.  Happily, some decide to do just that, as Ocean City is a great place to live year round.  Summertime, though is extra special at “America’s Greatest Family Resort” — a slogan that rings true year after year at this seven-mile seaside escape.

Family friendly from the start

Whether it’s for the entire summer, or just a week, it always feels like home when you’re in Ocean City – and that’s no coincidence.  Its four founders planned it that way from the start as they laid out the streets for homes and cottages, hotels and businesses – and later, a boardwalk and amusements.  Today, the Ocean City Boardwalk is beloved by all and draws families back annually with its quaint shops, amusements, visitor center, restaurants, music pier, and more.

Even more impressive are the awards the resort has secured over the years.  In 2015 alone, Ocean City was voted the:

  • 1 Beach in NJ
  • Best Destination for Family Vacations
  • Best Destination for Day Trips
  • Best Destination for Ecotourism

It was also voted one of the “Top Ten Christmas Towns in New Jersey,” received the State’s “Complete Streets Excellence Award,” was recognized as a top “Destination on the Rise in 2015,” and one of the “5 Best Places for Women-Owned Businesses.”

Not too shabby, which makes leaving the island at summer’s end all the more difficult.

Keeping a summer state of mind

Many of the island’s realtors and business owners are year round residents.  While summertime is their crazy busy time, they talk with winter-weary vacationers every month of the year.  For that reason, they try to put a little summer into every season, both at home and work.

Here are some ways you can do this too:

  1. Keep the Color:  There’s nothing quite like a dose of bright summer color to warm up a winter day.  Keep your green plants growing and summer décor on the walls in at least one or two rooms.  Fresh flowers are also a great way to make you think spring, so treat yourself to a bouquet from the local grocery store.  After all, after spring comes…summer!
  2. Shell it out. Remember all those sea shells your kids collected on the beach?  Some are probably even painted, or strung into necklaces.  Take them out and scatter them on shelves and windowsills throughout the house.  Driftwood is another reminder of summer.  If you don’t have any on hand, consider collecting some when you’re in Ocean City this year.  You’d be amazed at the Christmas decorations you can make with what you find on the beach.
  3. Make a pillow. If you happen to have a drop cloth, some burlap and an inkjet printer, you have the makings for a beautiful beach-themed pillow.  When you’re done, no need to wait until summer to use it.  Just toss it on the couch and think summer relaxation.  Here are the details on how it’s done.
  4. Build a sand castle with your kids! Get some practice in before your next vacation.
  5. Plan a winter get away. The beach is beautiful in the winter.  You’ll need to bundle up, but hearing the sound of the waves is worth it.  While you’re there, visit a realtor and check out the summer rentals – or decide to buy one and stay.

At your service

Whether you’re looking for a good restaurant, have questions about different parts of the island, or want to rent or buy your own castle by the sea, Monihan Realty is here to help.  Our two offices are open year round.  You can reach us toll free at our Central Avenue office at: (800) 255-0998.  The toll free number at our Battersea Road office is:  (800) 255-1311.  You can also email one of our agents directly.  For additional information, visit our website at  We look forward to meeting you soon!