Shore Décor: Office Space

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Shore Décor: Office Space

While the purpose of a shore house is to get away from everyday life, work, and everything in between, it still may be beneficial to have a room dedicated to an office. It can be a partial office or even a space that can be turned into an office. Whatever you decide, here are design ideas that to suit your style needs.

The first step in designing the office space is to evaluate how it will be used. In other words, what will be the function? For some, you are at your shore house, so perhaps, it will be used as needed rather than daily. You may go in there to make a call, check a few emails, and then be done. Others may spend the majority of their time in there.

Probably the most popular combination is an office/bedroom. Find an inexpensive desk, or even make one if you so desire, seek out a comfy chair and you’re in business. You can’t just pick any office furniture. Make sure you purchase furniture that goes with the existing décor. For example, if the extra bedroom is a beach-themed find a white desk, chair, and other accessories. Or if the guestroom is all white, than find office furniture that will give it a pop of color.

If you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated solely to an office then make it as functional as possible. Adding a bookshelf or a unit that will provide that much needed storage. You can also decide to get furniture with built in storage, which may be a good idea.

Don’t forget to look up! Using all the space available to you allows for optimal usage of the area. You can add wall décor that will help enhance the look and feel of the area. A magazine rack with different levels would be functional.

Have you seen those chalkboard wall or boards? How appropriate would that be around the office? They are great for reminders, photos, and other important information that you may need. You can even make a calendar chalkboard wall and insert your important events there.

There is nothing wrong with adding extra lighting, especially over the desk.  There are so many options available, either free standing, wall mount, etc. that will add extra brightness. Another choice would be one that hangs from the ceiling.

If you want to add that extra pop, don’t forget about area rugs. This is where you can play around with colors and patterns. Be sure to place it under your desk because that is where you will spend the majority of time while in the office.

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