Shore Décor: Nautical-Themed Nursery

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Shore Décor: Nautical-Themed Nursery

If you are lucky enough to call Ocean City your primary residence or your second home, then decorating your place is of the utmost importance. Creating an environment that is inviting yet comfortable and functional can be a challenge, depending on your needs and wants. But this doesn’t have to be if you know what you are looking to do.

Decorating a nursery has its pros and cons. If you know the gender of the child than this task may be a bit easier. However, if you are going to be surprised than you can go with gender neutral themes. Here we will offer some ideas that will help you make the room suited for your child.

Keeping in mind you are at the beach, consider a nautical theme. Using neutral color tones, accenting with pillows, blankets, and furniture will do the trick. First decide what color theme you want to work with. Choosing a neutral palette such as taupes, beiges, or off whites will go with everything. You can even work with patterns if you so desire.

Once you decided on a color theme then you can find interesting pieces that will accent the room appropriately. An oar that will serve as wall art or one that will function as a way to display the child’s name above the crib.  You can find a treasure chest that will serve as storage as well.  A cool piece of wall art such as an anchor or a framed photograph that would provide a nice accent.

Other unique elements would be a boat shaped bookshelf. These can either be made or bought depending on your level of craftiness.  Also, if you can find a sailboat mobile for over the crib or nautical themed light fixture. You can also find a wheel that can be placed on the wall as art or used as the top of an end table.

The wall color is vital when designing a space. If you want to stay gender neutral or gender specific there are a ton of great ideas. Take for example, stripes for the room. These can be done in any color such as light or navy blue, pink, beige, taupe, or even red if you are feeling bold. You don’t have to do the whole room maybe just one or two walls.  If you don’t want to paint, perhaps wallpaper may be a good option as well.

Next would be to find area rugs and curtains for the space such as patterns or color themes depending on the design of the room.  These two elements can add so much character or charm to the space. However, if the room is already carpeted than then you can focus on the curtains or drapes.

Decorating a nursery is a fun experience. Choosing a nautical theme is very gender neutral or can be modified to be gender specific. For more ideas check out and get inspired.

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