Shore Décor: Decorating Bookshelves

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Shore Décor: Decorating Bookshelves

Bookshelves aren’t just for books anymore. Overtime they have become spaces to decorate with various knick knacks around the house.  There are even different varieties such as built-in wall units and freestanding bookcases. With a little creativity and imagination you can create a unique area in your home.

There are so many fun ideas out there that you can try on your bookcases. Here are a few tips from Up To Date Interiors to make your bookcase look amazing.  How about actually placing books on them? You can lay them down or stand them up.  Depending on the number of shelves you can alternate or designate a particular shelf for a specific direction. Let’s start with standing books up and then placing a group laying down. This creates a focal point and allows for extra space where other items can be placed such as photos. It may be a fun idea to do this in a zig zag pattern. This will keep the eye moving and allow for the display of other key pieces.

In the empty space on each shelf, consider adding photos and/or artwork. There is something to be said about adding a little bit of personality to any space. Maybe that family photo on the beach or the photo of your family vacation will be a perfect fit. You can even alternate on each shelf if you so desire. Place a family photo on the first shelf and then a cool piece of artwork on the next. However, it is entirely up to you how you want to design the area. Be sure to leave about one-third of the shelf open for other items that you may find.

Now that you have most of the area filled, place smaller accessories on top of the stacked books and the remaining space to complete the look. Do you have that one art piece that you had to purchase, but not sure where to place it? How about the newly created bookcase?  Make sure the eye is drawn evenly throughout the bookcase.  Spread out different colors (lights and darks), materials (silver, gold brass), and heights. Be sure not to overdo it!

Other things you can do with the built-ins are to place straw baskets to house items. You can lay books on their side and then place a basket with a house place inside to give it a little interest. Maybe take another basket and place books inside. If there is space place a small accessory such as a beachy themed piece of art. If you ever had dead space, try placing a candle to fill it up.

Bookcases are a wonderful accessories to decorate for the holidays. You can switch out different pieces for seasonal ones.  For example, that vase filled with sand and shells can be swapped for a porcelain pumpkin. Changing out the shadow box with butterflies to a more season appropriate one filled with leaves is an easy swap. Another idea would be to switch out the family photo at the beach and put one of the family at a pumpkin patch.

Bookcases are great pieces to have in your home. Not only are they a staple to any space, they can be modified for upcoming seasons.

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